We believe a safe, secure home is a right that everyone deserves. We have joined forces with inspiring, and like-minded building and funding partners who believe as we do, that a home is just the beginning of transforming the lives of a family. We work together to build thriving sustainable communities.

Explore where we are building, and learn how together we can change lives forever.

How We Do It

It takes a village to…well, build a village. Meet the community supporting our mission around the world.

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How We Transform Lives

Behind every advancement for human-kind are pioneering people who are the heart and soul of changing the world. We utilize technology and the power of the human spirit to attack the global housing crisis and transform lives forever.

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Innovation Will End Global Homelessness.

With passion and a relentless drive to increase social impact, World Housing partners with like-minded individuals, businesses, charities, and organizations to develop innovative solutions to increase our collective social impact. Through our partnerships, we raise funds to build homes and work with building partners to re-shape global communities. This is how radical change happens.

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Fundraising is Critical to Social Impact.

Our mission: to create social change by connecting the world to be a better community. Our purpose is to connect people and organizations, creating business partnerships that align around our goal. We work with these donors to incubate and incorporate strategies into their business that unlock the critical funding needed to help families in need.

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We Collaborate with Building Partners.

We work with global and local partners who have in-depth knowledge and the expertise in the countries we build in. We provide the much needed funding and they apply their knowledge to improve and evolve each community through the principles of human-centric design. Every community-building partner we work with employs local builders, providing jobs and opportunities within the region. Whenever possible, we source materials locally to reduce our environmental impact and support the economy.

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Homes are Built for Families.

Families are selected by specific criteria that maintain the long-term viability of the community. While the homes are built, we find families that will act as markers of social change for their community. Families must have a personal desire to uplift their family to become the transformation that will last for generations to come. Children must be enrolled in school and not working. The families must maintain a home free of abuse.

step 05
Lives are Transformed.

When we build homes, we build communities, and incredible things start to happen. A new home means a new start, the beginning of a life with safety, security and stability as a foundation. What grows from there is a restoration of dignity and hope for the future. Families and communities begin to thrive, bringing up a new generation of healthy, educated and inspired leaders for their community.

step 06
Measuring Our Impact.

We’re committed to making long term and sustainable impact from our World Housing partnership funds. Our building partners that build the homes in the community also monitor and measure the way these homes transforms the families lives and change the community by monitoring advancements in the key pillars of education, health and financial independence. We provide reports to our donor partners on our progress.

As of Today

World Housing provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.

Every home is built by local skilled workers.
Home recipients are role models in their communities.
El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Cambodia, Philippines, Haiti

Building Partners

  • New Story Charity Organization
  • Corazon building candidate across borders
  • Youth With a Mission
  • Techo for a fair society without poverty
  • Cambodian Children's Fund
  • Gawad Kalinga ending poverty