A Home For Everyone

World Housing provides homes to families living in slums around the world.

The Challenge

World Housing provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.

Families who live below the poverty line miss out on more than money. Poverty also means limited or no access to healthy food, clean water, education, and healthcare.
Without a secure home, a family can never be comfortable. Families live in fear of weather, crime, and are in a constant state of simply getting by, rather than thriving.
Garbage pickers make less than $2 a day, an amount that makes it impossible to save for a home, and requires that children work instead of going to school, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

What Communities Achieve


With a secure home, a family can focus on investing their future, knowing their efforts will be growing on a solid foundation that won’t wash away.


Children who grow up in safe homes and communities are healthier, happier, and more likely to foster those kinds of communities in their future.


Families with stable communities have more opportunity for educating their children, getting better access to food and healthcare, and supporting one another.

  • What does World Housing do?

    World Housing provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.

    We facilitate the flow of capital from individuals, businesses, and our real estate partners to fund the construction of these homes and communities in the developing world.

    We have a network of vetted, reliable local building partners who construct our communities overseas, and throughout every build, we make it possible for you to follow up and see the impact of your contribution and partnership with World Housing. We make sure you are connected to the cause from start to finish.

  • I would like to donate via cheque, where do I send it?

    Donations From Canada: Cheques can be made out to "World Housing Foundation".

    Donations From USA: Checks can be made out to "World Housing Inc."

    All cheques can be mailed to:

    World Housing
    #106-1008 Beach Avenue
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    V6E 1T7

  • Who are World Housing's partners?

    We are currently partnered with the Cambodian Children’s Fund in Cambodia, Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines, Techo in Colombia, New Story in Haiti, El Slavador & Mexico and Corazon & Homes of Hope in Mexico. These building partners oversee the planning and construction of our World Housing communities on the ground.

    You can read more about each organization on their websites:

  • How does World Housing choose its local partners?

    Our local building partners are an essential part of our mission to create communities around the world, and as such, cultivating sustainable partnerships with high calibre organizations is paramount.

    We select and work with local partners who have experience and expertise in construction projects in the areas we select. We look for organizations that have in-depth knowledge of the local housing problems facing the communities, as well as which approaches to community building will work best and which structures are most suitable and sustainable for their specific region. These local building partners have been vetted by us in advance of any project beginning, and they all employ locally trained builders to create more work opportunities in the communities in which we build.

  • How do you choose the families to move into the World Housing homes?

    We identify families to move into the homes based on a set of qualifying criteria. We find like-minded families that will act as markers of social change long after their homes have been built.

    Our primary requirements are that families must have a personal desire to uplift their family and community, children must be enrolled in school, and the home must be free of abuse.

    We chose these criteria because we believe that strong communities are made up of more than just houses; they are made of individuals working to better themselves and their families.

  • Do you gift the same home everywhere?

    No. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to community building.

    We realize that every country has different needs based on climate, culture, and geography, and our different community structures reflect this. We work closely with our local partners in the areas where we build to determine the best materials, layout, and location for each of the communities to ensure safe construction and lasting homes.

  • Why is housing so important? What about food, water, education etc.

    Like food and water, housing is essential for life. We believe that by gifting homes — and creating communities for deserving, likeminded recipients in the developing world — we are setting in motion a positive social change that has the potential to completely change the lives of millions of people around the world.

    When the essentials, like housing, are taken care of, people are free to focus on improving themselves and to live more productive, fulfilling lives. With the right support structures in place, anything is possible.

  • How do you calculate the cost of a home?

    The cost of a World Housing home varies depending on a number of factors, including region, community, and time. As a result, we work closely with our local partners overseas to set realistic budgets and timelines for each project individually and we communicate regularly throughout the project to ensure goals are being met.

    Here’s how that process works:

    Before we send funds to our local partners, we work with them to craft a proposal that outlines the details of the project; specifically, we look at the type of community we want to build, the people who will be housed, and where the community will be built. Costs can vary greatly depending on these factors. For example, the design of our communities in the dense urban areas of the Philippines tends to be more expensive to build than for those in rural Cambodia.

    In addition to monitoring construction and materials costs, we also work with our local partners to ensure all World Housing builders (who are skilled, local homebuilders) are paid a fair working wage.

    We coordinate and finalize these details before the project ever begins, so we know from the start exactly what timeline and budget are necessary in order to make the project a success.

    We stay in close communication with our building partners throughout the build and receive regular reports on the project status and development of the community.

    When the project is complete, our partners send us the final details on the homes and families, as well as the new community’s GPS coordinates. Our team in Vancouver, Canada then reviews and verifies the completed project reports and associated costs, and we carry out a financial reconciliation and calculate the cost-per-project.

  • What's included in a World Housing community?

    We believe a community is more than just homes; that’s why every World Housing community contains a number of features, in addition to the houses, meant to create community connections and make the most of the area in which the community is built.

    No two World Housing communities are exactly alike, but most of them feature:
    — communal gardens
    — a playground
    — common areas for events, meals, and community building

    In every community, we strive to put forth features that are regionally relevant and that add significant value to the lives of the families in the community. By working with local partners to understand the needs of the families and the features of their local landscape, we deliver sustainable solutions and create neighborhoods that will thrive and grow.

  • Can I go visit a World Housing community?

    We love that you’re passionate enough to go see the community you helped gift!

    We coordinate trips to visit World Housing communities once a year. If you have gifted a home and are interested in joining us, please email hello@worldhousing.org. We would love to have you come along!

    Unfortunately at this time, we are only conducting community trips for contributors who have gifted homes. If you are not yet a contributor but are interested in learning more about World Housing and the communities we build, please take a look around our website or send us an email at hello@worldhousing.org. We love talking about our work and would be happy to answer any questions!